Wissa Wassef Basha was born in Tahta in 1873 and died in Cairo in 1931. He was the President of the Egyptian Parliament in two periods (20 March 1928-18 July 1928) (11 January 1930-21 October 1930) during the reign of King Fouad I

Wasa Wasef was a supporter of arts and literature and was the honorary president of the Fantasy Group for Art, Photography and Painting. He is the father of Egyptian architect Ramses Wissa Wassef

Wasa Wasef was an agent for the House of Representatives in the life of Saad Zaghloul and his head in the life of Mustafa Al-Nahhas. He sat on the seat where Ahmed Mazloum Pasha, Sa'ad Zaghloul, Mustafa Al-Nahhas, Mohamed Tawfiq Pasha, Ahmed Maher Pasha, Bahi El-Din Barakat, Abdulsalam Fahmy Gomaa and Mohamed Hamed Gouda sat. The second from January 1, 1930 to June 19