The Virgin of Our Lady of Coromoto is the patroness of Venezuela. It is venerated both in the city of Guanare, where it appeared approximately 350 years ago, as in the whole country. On this page we will review the history of his appearances and show you the places where he appeared and is revered today.

When the city of Guanare was founded, in 1591, the indigenous people who lived in the region, the Cospes, fled to the jungle in the north of the city. This hindered the evangelization that the Catholic church had undertaken.

One day in 1652, Chief Coromoto and his wife went through a stream of water and saw a Lady of extraordinary beauty who told them in her language: "Go to the house of the whites and ask him to pour the water on his head (baptism ) to be able to go to heaven. " Coincidentally, a Spaniard named Juan Sánchez, passed by and Cacique Coromoto told him what happened.