In the failed attempt to organize the overthrow of the regime in 1956, the two intellectuals, Professor Mohamed Siddiq Shanshal and Mr. Faiq al-Samarrai, participated in the drafting of the first statement of the movement. However, the failure of previous attempts to overthrow the monarchy led to the neglect of that version of the statement at the time. At the start of the movement, Abdel Salam Aref, as one of the leaders of the organization and a member of the Higher Committee, adopted the wording of the statement due to his proficiency in the Arabic language and his enjoyment of the voice of public speaking, and because he would carry out the task of implementing the revolution. Building of the Iraqi Radio House. After succeeding in taking control of Baghdad, Abdul Salam Aref personally broadcast the first statement. The name Iraq has now become the Republic of Iraq. Brigadier General Abdul Karim Qassem assumed the position of Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Colonel Abdul Salam Aref, Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of the Interior. And distributed ministerial portfolios and responsibilities according to the roles of officers of the members of the organization of national officers and their contribution to the movement. Thus, the revolution has succeeded in overthrowing the monarchy