A life-size statue made of sycamore wood height 1.12 meters high was found in Saqqara and it represents a priest and one of the senior states in the era of the Fifth Dynasty 2940 BC, called (Kaaber) known as the Sheikh of the country and is the name given to him by the workers of the French world (Mariette) When they found a great resemblance between him and the sheikh of their country, and Mariette did not mind this label that stuck with him until now, the statue was covered with a thin linen with a colored layer of plaster now lost, and a long stick and feet restoration had been done, and the eyes of the statue were studded, We lied them out of copper, and the white of them was white marble. As for the two corneas, it is rock crystal. It is on a red copper pin, and the statue is on display in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.