Qar الفbülfəغلlu Qarayev (in Azerbaijani : Qara Əbülfəz oğlu Qarayev) composer, composer and composer of the Azerbaijani opera, deputy in the Legislative Council of the Soviet Union, academic of the National Sciences Academy in Azerbaijan , honored artist (in 1955), artist of the people of the Soviet Union (1959) Born on February 5, 1918 in Baku and died May 13, 1982, he is considered one of the greatest geniuses of music in Azerbaijani history.

Qar Qaraev was born in 1918, in Baku. His father, Abu Al-Fas Qaraev, was from a well-known doctor in Baku. Qar was the first person in his generation to devote himself to the music profession.

He began his studies at the music school of the Azerbaijani State Conservatory in 1926. After that he received lessons from his feat Gorky Sharuyev at the Baku Institute of Music at the Azerbaijan State Conservatory, in 1930. Since 1937, anger has been accepted to the Union of Azerbaijani Composers. He continued his studies at the installation faculty of the Moscow State Conservatory between two years 1938-1940. Related to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War , his education was not completed and he returned to Baku.