New Alamein is a new Egyptian city of the fourth generation cities in Egypt, located in Matrouh Governorate, and administratively affiliated to the New Urban Communities Authority. Its total area is about 48,130.82 acres, and the target population is about two million. The Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces and the Urban Communities Authority are in charge of constructing the city’s facilities, the water station, sewage, electricity networks, roads, facilities, and residential towers. other than private residential projects. The borders of the new city of El Alamein start from Wadi El-Natrun Road to El-Dabaa, and the Alexandria-Matrouh International Road is diverted from kilo 93 to the intersection of Wadi El-Natrun El-Alamein to be an entrance to the city of El-Alamein with a length of 33 km. New Alamein is located within the administrative borders of Matrouh Governorate, 48 km from the international coastal road. (Egypt), the city is divided into tourist, historical and residential segment. The first investment tourism tranche is located on the Mediterranean coast, the second investment tranche is south of the Alexandria-Matrouh International Road, and the third tranche is the historical and archaeological area of El Alamein cemeteries.