Mediterranean Biennale

The Mediterranean Biennial presents an alternative platform that emphasizes the local processes and cultural influences of the region through the art of the community, linking cultures and emerging from the walls of the museum and transforming the city into a museum. The Mediterranean Biennale will serve as a platform for addressing several issues: the society? What is the importance of art in consumer society? Art as a bridge between cultures.
The biennial theme is Out of Place. The Out of Place exhibition deals with issues of identity, place, time and individuality in the age of global culture, and through a critical view of place, identity and culture in light of the changes that are taking place today. Out of Place seeks to create a dialogue among people and create a place where everyone can say what they want in a debate where there are no winners or losers. The exhibition reminds us that the current refugee crisis is trading in a way that is not independent of us: we are part of the crisis, and we are also part of a possible solution. The nature of the exhibition Out of Place Disappointment and despair, or vice versa, can open up possibilities for action against current anger through solidarity, common ideals and community.