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Albanian lek ( Albanian lek ) has been the currency of Albania since 1926 .  The lique is divided into 100 kandarkars (singular kandarkes).

The Albanian Lek was in circulation until the Italian occupation ( 1939 - 1944 ) where the creation of the Albanian franc (Franga) coupled with the Italian lira .

With the advent of Nazi Germany in 1944 , a war coin (Reichskreditkassenschein biljetten (XDEK)) , a coin associated with the German Reich Mark, was introduced .

After the independence of Albania and the establishment of the communist state, the Albanian Lek was re-issued as the equivalent of the Yugoslavian dinar until 1948 , and after the estrangement with Tito became the equivalent of the Soviet ruble .

In 1965 the old leek was replaced by a new one.