is a unique species of feline species , characterized by a high speed that is not contested by one of the members of his platoon or any other species of animals, and thus is considered the fastest animal on earth , but that speed The superiority is offset by a great structural weakness when compared to other species of this family, as the adaptation of the bodies of these animals to the enemy made them slender can not fight the larger predators and the larger game .

The Panthers are the only representative of the genus " fixed claws " ( Latin : Acinonyx ) in the present era, as all species belonging to this species disappeared from the face of the earth thousands of years ago due to natural factors. Leopard speeds range from 112 to 120 kilometers per hour (between 70 and 75 miles per hour), at short distances up to 460 meters (1,510 feet) and have the ability to reach 103 kilometers per hour from zero in Just 3 seconds, this makes it faster than most super cars . The cheetah was the fastest-growing mammal to be doubtful. Some animals, such as the horned spiny caribou from North America , were able to fight leopards on the enemy side, but some studies have recently shown that cheetahs are indeed the fastest animals.