Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib ( 3 Sha'ban 4 AH - 10 Muharram 61 AH / 8 January 626 - 10 October 680 AD) is the tribe of the Prophet Muhammad , and the third Imam of the Shiites , the Prophet Muhammad called him the master of the people of Paradise said:  «The good and the good of the youth of the people of Paradise », the fifth owner of clothing .  His nickname Abu Abdullah.

He was born in the month of Sha'baan in the year 4 AH , and was brought to the Prophet Muhammad , and authorized in all his ears to pray , and trapped him ram as he did with his brother Hassan, and was taking him with him to the Prophet's Mosque at prayer times, praying people, and was riding on his back while he prostrated, and carry His grandfather, the Prophet Muhammad, died in 11 AH and his mother Fatima died in the same year.Hussein participated with al-Hasan in the jihad during the reign of Othman.He participated in the opening of an African under the command of Abdullah bin Saad bin Abi al-Sarh . In the conquest of Tabaristan and Gorgan in the army of Said bin al-Aas , also participated in the battle of the camel and the battle of two rows .

His brother was devoted to the caliphate, and the Muslim successor lasted about eight months, and then abdicated in favor of Muawiya bin Abi Sufyan after his favor on a number of things. Hassan and Hussein moved from Kufa to Medina , and after Hassan's death Hussein continued to maintain his brother's reign with Muawiyah throughout Muawiyah's life. After Muawiya's death, Hussein rejected the allegiance of Yazid ibn Mu'awiyah and went to Mecca and stayed there for months. Allaah ibn Ziyad was able to kill a Muslim and kill him.

Hussein went to Kufa , until he arrived to garbage  received news of the killing of a Muslim and Khalan people of Kufa, and went to him free bin Yazid Riahi and a thousand knights to Hussein to accompany him until he reached Kufa, when they arrived in Karbala , the army of Omar bin Saad, consisting of four thousand Fighter, opposed to Hussein to step down on the rule of Ibn Ziyad, and after the failure of negotiations took place battle Karbala , and killed in the battle 72 men of the owners of Hussein, and 88 men from the army of Omar, and stabbed Sinan bin Anas and his head, and was said to be beheaded Shammar bin Dhi al-Jawshan , His body was buried in Karbala . According to Shiite narrators, his head was buried in Karbala with his body when Sabaya Ahl al-Bayt returned from Syria, while the Sunnis differed in the place where the head was buried. It was said in Damascus , it was said in Karbala with the flesh, and it was said elsewhere. Find out the Vault. His death was on the tenth of Muharram year 61 AH corresponding to October 10, 680 AD . It is called Ashura and this day remained a day of sadness and gloom among the Shiites