Hookah (its name: hookah) is a smoking tool that relies on passing coal-fired tobacco smoke with water before inhaling it.

Shisha penalty:

The shisha consists of five parts:

The head: This is a container in which to put tobacco and smoldering coal that burns tobacco, and it is usually made from pottery. It has two holes that are under the small one and inserted into the tube, which is above a wide one with small openings to allow the air to enter.

The saucer: the one that is under the head by picking up the ashes, and it is usually made of metal.

Bottle of water: Come on in a bowl of water, and it is usually made of decorative glass.

The tube: the one that carries the head on one side and is submerged in water on the other side, and the one on the side is an opening in which the dust hose is inserted and is usually made of metal

Khartoum: The one that enters from one end of the tube and the other end to draw out and inhale smoke.