Ukrainian Hero (HOU) ((in Ukrainian : Герой України ) read in Ukrainian: Hero Ukrainian ) is the highest national title or medal that the President of Ukraine can give to a citizen who performs great services for the country of Ukraine . This Medal was created on Thursday, November 16, 1998 by President Leonid Kuchma and, as of 27 June 2019, the total number of awards was 453. The Medal is awarded to two different applicants, the Civilian State Medal and the Gold Star Military Medal . The first foreigner to be awarded the Order was the Belarusian Mikhail Chisnowski in June 2017.

There was controversy over some of the decorations, including allegations that they were either politically motivated or granted to those who did not deserve such decorations.

The origin of the "Hero of Ukraine" honors can be traced to the medals of the Hero of the Soviet Union (founded on Monday, April 16, 1934) and the Medal of the Socialist Work Hero (founded on Tuesday 27 December 1938), which is considered one of the highest honors Its founding in the Soviet Union, and Ukraine which was one of the founding republic . After most of the recipients of the previous title obtained this heroic military action (with the Soviet astronauts being a notable exception), while those who obtained the latter were recognized for their contributions to the national economy and culture .  However, medals could have been awarded to the same person more than once, and only the Presidency of the Supreme Soviet could deny the recipient the medal by merely granting it.  After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, similar awards were created in independent countries resulting from its dissolution,  including Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Belarus, and others.