Hawaii, pronounced in the Hawaiian language «Hawaii» or «Haviei» is a US state in the form of an archipelago of islands in the Pacific Ocean with an area of 166,642 km. According to the 2000 population census, the population of Hawaii is 1,211,537. Honolulu is the capital and largest city. Hawaii is made up of 19 major islands.

Hawaii is the last state to join the United States of America, and the state has many things that distinguish it from others. In addition to its occupation of the last border in the American South, meaning that there is no other state located south of it, it is the only state that is located entirely in the tropics. And as one of the two states that lie outside the geographical contiguity of the United States (the other state is Alaska), it is the only one that has no territory belonging to any continent and is the only one whose area is constantly increasing due to volcanic activity and lava flows, especially in Kilauea Island. Scania is the only US state without a majority of whites and is one of only three in which whites of non-Central and South American ancestry do not form a majority and have a high proportion of Asian Americans. Environmentally and agriculturally, Hawaii is considered the capital of endangered species in the world and is the only place where the coffee industry is part of industrial production in the United States of America. Pineapples, bananas, sugarcane and coconuts are among the most important Hawaiian agricultural products.

It was discovered by Captain Cook in 1778 AD and remained affiliated with the British crown for a long time, and during that period it was under the rule of 4 local kings. Queen Liliuokalani was able to unite it into one kingdom, and she hoped to join the United States, but the United States rejected the idea of annexation at first, then It was declared the Republic of 1884 by the Americans residing there, and in 1898 AD the US Congress voted in favor of annexing Hawaii, and it became part of the United States, and the state of Hawaii was formed in 1900 AD.