The Emerald Stone is one of the most attractive and precious semi-precious stones with its distinctive green color, making it one of the most beautiful stones in the world. Emerald stone is also known as the stone of the heart, and here we mean that emerald is linked to a sense of love, compassion and compassion. It is clear that it is not very much associated with the kind of love that exists in personal relationships. The Emerald is the Chinese goddess of "Kwan Yin" as it represents universal love and intangible inner beauty and also symbolizes wisdom and prosperity.

The color of this green stone is due to the chromium element impurities in the crystalline stone structure in the aluminum positions. The interesting thing is that chrome is considered an alternative to aluminum in other stones - the ruby ​​stone , where it is responsible for the distinctive red color.

Emerald is beryllium aluminum silica, while ruby ​​is aluminum oxide and belongs to the family of this oxide. Both structures are similar, but the ambient environment of the emeralds is more open (given the presence of C and B atoms) than the surrounding environment of the ruby ​​stone. This changes the existing two-stone energy levels to impurities, allowing for the presence of properties of absorption and slight transmission properties. In emerald, bluish green is the only color that is transmitted while the red color is still partially emitted. This, as a result, adds an extra quality to the emerald color, but the crystalline grid is not free of defects such as the iron element.

The hardness of the emerald stone

The hardness of the emerald is between 7.5 and 8 degrees on the Mohs scale of hardness, which is somewhat higher than other silicates.

As mentioned above, the emerald stone belongs to the family of beryl stone, which is composed of quartz stone mixed with anodized aluminum and some other materials that can be added. In the area of ​​jewelry, the price of an emerald stone can be very high, especially if it is free of impurities and has flat bumps. These protrusions usually reach 57 or 58 folds.

Characteristics of the metaphysical emerald stone

The properties of emeralds are numerous and are often attributed to many therapeutic capabilities as they do with all other precious stones . People also believed that emeralds could regulate eye pressure and some producers used to keep it in their office. Different cultures also gave him different powers of healing from digestive problems to even supernatural protection against satanic influences. In addition, some believed that it also protects against poisonous creatures and reinforces the supernatural powers, psychic abilities, wisdom, predictability of the future, etc., especially the stone models of light green, which were associated with all spiritual matters.

In fact, the emerald stone is an exceptional stone because of its characteristics that promote emotional and spiritual balance. It increases energy levels in all body organs, and now, that characteristic is the most distinctive of this precious gem. It is directly related to the heart-chakra anhata, which beside all those functions work to achieve a balance of energy flow between the three upper and lower chakras. It brings emotional balance when placed on the heart area. As for the meditative side, it is very effective with emeralds, syphilis quartz or with murgantite stone, and can also provide excellent results.

Emerald crystals can be used in crystal therapy and self-healing as they help with multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. In these cases, the emeralds are used around the neck. Some say emeralds can also help with Parkinson's disease, paranoia, depression and similar cases. It is also believed that this stone can cure malignant diseases, protect the heart, regulate blood pressure, prevent infection, reduce inflammation and relieve many other problems. Emeralds made of emeralds can help with other problems such as back, spine and bone and muscle problems. It is also believed that gold can amplify the benefits of emeralds .

The relationship of births and towers with emeralds

The emerald stone is connected to the bull tower. This brilliant green stone symbolizes the goodness, the true goodness and the fortunes of the Taurus. The meaning of this stone can be seen, as some say, in the Zodiac stone associated with the cancer. As for the generator, it agrees with the baby boomers in May.Interestingly, this stone is also a stone of Mercury, especially in astrology. The blue-colored models of this stone are associated with Venus.

One belief is that putting your emerald stone once a month under water helps replenish its energy and that it is enough to carry it alongside the ruby ​​or quartz stone for some time to revitalize it and give it new strength.