In July 1910, the authorities rushed to a deterrent blow, in which they took advantage of the issuance of the poem “My National” by Professor Ali Al-Ghayati, the editor of “The Brigade”, by presenting (earlier writing) by Muhammad Farid who did not read the office and was outside the country when it was issued, and he had previously edited this presentation before his departure. It was also presented by Sheikh Abdul Aziz Jawish, and the authorities saw that this divan was an opportunity to strike three birds with one stone, according to the article that some of its poems contain favoring crimes, inciting to commit them and insulting government agencies, and the Public Prosecution had turned a blind eye to the precedent of publishing all his poems in newspapers, except The government proceeded to instruct the prosecution office, and ordered the confiscation of the book and began to investigate the Sheikh Ali al-Ghayyati and Sheikh Abdulaziz Jawish, and postponed the matter with regard to Muhammad Farid until his return from abroad, and referred both the Sheikh Ali al-Ghayyati and Sheikh Abdulaziz with others on charges of praising and praising the book to the Criminal Court !!