Diamond is a carbon-bonded crystalline crystalline structure and takes double forms for that eight-cubed cuboid structure, especially the twelve faces, and mutations occur in its composition sometimes appearing as spherical shape, but the external factors help form it. It consists of carbon (only) under pressure , high temperature and unknown conditions in the depths of the globe. Although carbon is the main component of graphite and coal , their properties are very different from each other. This difference is not due to the atomic structure, Because of the crystalline network , where the difference in the composition of the network to this vast difference in characteristics.

Since ancient times diamonds have been known as one of the most valuable stones. The popularity of diamonds increased in the 19th century as world production increased, trade routes improved around the world, and scientific methods of cutting , polishing and global monopolization of the commodity were introduced by some companies. Diamonds have many physical properties but the most famous of them are hardness and hardness. It is the only one among all the materials on the 10/10 hardness level in the global grade ( moss ) scale (10 - the weakest 1). The crystal system has a special light dispersion but in diamonds it is considered high for light. For this reason, diamonds are a valuable stone in the jewelery industry as well as other industrial uses such as the use of diamonds on the head of deep-water drilling pipes such as water, oil and natural gas, as well as its uses in electronic devices, medical devices, industrial equipment and cutting glass.