Coke wood is considered a very strong and solid wood that cannot in any case be cut or shaped with simple equipment, as special and powerful saws are used to cut the outer wood veneer of the coconut plant, as for cutting the whole plant, such as cutting its branches or stalk, it is rare. The reason is that cutting the tree means that it will not return to growth until after a hundred years. Therefore, in most cases, the use of it is by the outer shell of its fruits only to avoid losing trees in the event that people are used to cutting them whenever they want their wood.
Coke wood is one of the wood that is widely spread in Brazil and Turkey, and the benefits of this wood can be summarized as follows: The use of coke wood in the manufacture of small antiques and beautiful views, which are widely sold to tourists as souvenirs and gifts that they bring with them to their countries. The use of coke in abundance in the manufacture of swimming pools, and perhaps the most famous and old types of swimming pools