Christopher Columbus ( Christophorus Columbus ) ( Latin : Christophorus Columbus ) ( 31 October 1451 - 20 May 1506 ) is an Italian traveler, credited with discovering the New World ( America ). Born in Genoa, Italy, he studied mathematics and natural sciences (and possibly astronomy too) at the University of Pavia . He crossed the Atlantic and reached the Caribbean islands on October 12, 1492, but his discovery of the land of the North American continent was on his second voyage in 1498 . Some relics show a connection between the European and American continents even long before Columbus discovered the land. From his personality inspired the name of the country: Colombia .

Columbus was born with the idea of ​​this journey and the desire to achieve it for three reasons:

Fame and affluence.

His intolerance to his Catholicism was born with the desire to find a path other than the roads that pass through the country of Mohammedans as he put it. [8] in his marine blogs.

He exerted great effort in the modern practical marine study of his time. Scientists of his time acknowledged that crossing to the Indian subcontinent and the continent of Asia is not limited only to flights heading east, but the possibility of access to the west towards the Earth's spheres . From this point of view he decided to venture based on the most recent maps of his Italian scientists Paolo Toscanelli ( 1397 1492 ) as well as the German Martin Baheim ( 1459 1507 ). Both scientists specialize in mathematics and astronomy .