It is the biography of the Prophet Muhammad, the science of the collection of the collected facts of the life of the Prophet Muhammad and his moral and moral characteristics, in addition to his invasions and secrets.
Biography Language: Launches the biography in the language on the Sunnah, the way, and the situation on which the human being, the Almighty said (we will return the first biography).
The term: It is what has been transmitted to us from the life of the Prophet since his birth before and after the mission and what about who and until his death.
The biography may be advice for the meaning of the Sunnah among the scholars of Hadith, which is due to the Prophet's words, deeds, reports or attributes. It also means when the scholars of the doctrine and the fundamentals of religion the way of the Prophet and his guidance, but the scientists of its history means news and puzzles.
The biography of the Prophet in the temporal scope of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad General and then in the tenth year of the first spring of the eleventh year, and then in the year (571 - 632).