Arab purity is a ruminant mammal of the bovine family. Until recently, it was classified as a species of Himalayan purity, but recent evidence has shown that it forms a species of its own.  presence of Arab purity is limited to the Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman in the Arabian Peninsula , where the Al-Hajar Mountains range is settled until 1,800 meters above sea level. Arab purity is the smallest type of purity in the world  is short-body hooked horns in both sexes.  It also has a reddish-brown hair in addition to a dark streak that runs along the back  males have a very long mane that extends throughout its neck and continues As the animal grows old, the old-aged males have germs that reach their length to the ground in addition to black snouting and dark lines on the eyes. Like all kinds of goats and wild sheep, Arabian purification has soft hooves to help it balance and stick to rocks in its hilly terrain .