The origin of the word Aquamarine
The word Aquamarine is written in Spanish and means "seawater". The word "Aqua" is written in aqua and is pronounced aqua in Spanish. It means water. The second word is marina or marina meaning marina. Here is the description of the purple stone The ancients were named in 1910 in the city of Marambaia at the Minas Geraisl Mine in Brazil, weighing 110 kg and 48.5 cm x 42 cm in length.
Chromatic qualities in stone Aquamarine
In the same conditions, the bacillin is produced in the same conditions as the Beryl Beryl group, which is a type of variant. The pale blue color in the acamarin is attributed to Fe2 + Fe3. Fe3 + produces the golden yellow color. When the iron is Fe2 + and Fe3 + The color is dark blue or dark and called maxixe. The best species come from Russia as well as Sri Lanka, in particular yellow and also from Brazil. This type is called trade name (aquamarine chrysalides) or cocamines. The chromium or aluminum oxide, It produces a type of acamarin with a clear blue color called Oriental aquamarine. The color disappears into white when exposed to sunlight or any thermal processes. Color is returned to normal by illumination. The color change is explained by the dark blue (maxixe) Fe3 + Fez + Feels which can be changed from dark blue to natural green, pink or yellow beryl by high-energy and light-energy treatment, especially gamma rays, neutrons or X-rays.

Places of residence and stocks
In Brazil, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Zambia, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, and the United States, there are very limited areas in Jordan and Egypt.