Face design

On the left side a statue of king Chephren and the lotus and papyrus flowers symbolizing Upper and Lower Egypt

Back design

On the left side the old Egyptian flag . At the very bottom the sacred Cobra and a representation of lotus flowers

Year Mintage I Have this I wish this Text
7/5/1935  A/1 Cook
Issued Prefix   from A/2 to A/11 Cook
6/6/1940  A/12 Cook
19/2/1941  A/13 Nixon
Issued Prefix   from A/14 to A/31 Nixon
6/1/1945  A/32 Nixon
1/3/1947  A/33 Leith - Ross
Issued Prefix   from A/34 to A/55 Leith - Ross
15/6/1950  A/56 Leith - Ross
15/5/1951  A/57 A.Zaky Saad
Issued Prefix   from A/58 to A/59 A.Zaky Saad
18/5/1951  A/60 A.Zaky Saad
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