Face design

On the right side a statue of king Tut-Ankh - Amon

Back design

The kiosk of Tarajan at the Philae temples and two statues of God Amon in his ram form .

Year Mintage I Have this I wish this Text
8/5/1952  زس/1 M.Amin Fekry
Issued Prefix   From زس/2 to زس/9 M.Amin Fekry
10/6/1954  زس/10 M.Amin Fekry
31/3/1955  زس/11 A.Zaky Saad
Issued Prefix   from زس/12 to زس /19 A.Zaky Saad
11/4/1955  زس/20 A.Zaky Saad
25/11/1957  زس / 21 A.El Emary
Issued Prefix   from زس/22 to زس/26 A.El Emary
2/12/1957  زس/27 A.El Emary
11/4/1960  زس/28 A.El Refay
Issued Prefix   from زس/29 فخ to زس/32 A.El Refay
3/8/1960  زس/33 A.El Refay
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