Face design

The interior of Al Azhar mosque

Back design

Statue of Ramesses II pharaonic designs and a scene representing the king in a battle . On the lower right the name of Ramesses II inside a cartouche .

Year Mintage I Have this I wish this Text
802075  غ/200 N.Negm
802075  غ/16 N.Negm
Issued Prefix   from غ/17 to غ/20 N.Negm
808075  غ/20 N.Negm
801027  غ/300 S.Hamed
Issued Prefix   from غ/21 to غ/29 S.Hamed
817059  غ/29 S.Hamed
801027  غ/300 S.Hamed
Issued Prefix   from غ/30 to غ/67 S.Hamed
905053  غ/68 S.Hamed
918104  غ/300 I.H.Mohamed
924055  غ/400 I.H.Mohamed
903054  غ/69 I.H.Mohamed
Issued Prefix   from غ/70 to غ83 I.H.Mohamed
928084  غ/84 I.H.Mohamed
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