Face design

Statue of the Awakening of Egypt

Back design

The official sign of the state ( the Eagle ) surrounded by cotton maize and wheat plants

Year Mintage I Have this I wish this Text
6/2/1967  ح A.Nazmy
6/2/1967  ح/1 A.Nazmy
Normal Prefix   from ح/2 to ح/23 A.Nazmy
18/12/1969  ح/24 A.Nazmy
20/12/1969  ح A.Nazmy
20/12/1969  ح/25 A.Nazmy
Normal Prefix   from ح/26 to ح/57 A.Nazmy
28/1/1970  ح/58 A.Nazmy
1/1/1972  ح/59 A.Zendo
Normal Prefix   from ح/59 to ح125 A.Zendo
4/1/1975  ح/126 A.Zendo
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