Arts, entertainment, and media

Token, a game piece or counter, used in some games

The Tokens, a vocal music group

Token Black, a recurring character on the animated television series South Park


Token, an object (in software or in hardware) which represents the right to perform some operation:

Token, an object used in Petri net theory

Access token, a system object representing the subject of access control operations

Invitation token, in an invitation system

Security token or hardware token, authentication token or cryptographic token, a physical device for computer authentication

Session token, a unique identifier of an interaction session

Token ring, a network technology in which a token circles in a logical ring

Tokenization (data security), the process of substituting a sensitive data element

Lexical token, a word or other atomic parse element


Token, a voucher or gift card redeemable for items of value

Token coin, a small, flat, round piece of metal or plastic that can sometimes be used instead of money, e.g.:

Casino token, also known as a casino chip, check, cheque, or gaming chip

Knight's token, carried by a medieval knight

Token money, money that is of limited legal tender

Tokens, exonumia, items of currency other than coins and paper money

Other uses

Token (railway signalling), a physical object given to a locomotive driver to authorize him to use a particular stretch of single railway track

Token Racing, a Formula One car racing team

Tokenism, the inclusion of a single person (or very few people) of a group so an organization can publicly claim to be inclusive

Type-token distinction, in logic, linguistics, and computer programming

Wedding token, wedding paraphernalia also known as an arrhae or wedding coin