Written by Ali Labib on 19-05-2013

Gentlemen, dear members of my 3omlaty site, I present to you today a topic on the 10 pounds, the third issue
Whoever saw the paper 10 pounds, the third issue, is the first circulating paper that was found in the country
Since most of the first and second versions found a model
The paper was issued on 9/2/1913
with the symbol x /1
Designed on the obverse of the paper to the right of ancient Cairo and the mosque of Sultan Al-Ashraf Qaitbay

The school and mausoleum of Sultan Qaytbay is located in the Qarafa of the Mamluks in Cairo. It was established by Sultan Qaytbay in 877 AH. He was one of the Circassian Mamluk sultans and sat on the throne of Egypt in 872 AH.

As for the design of the back in the middle, geometric motifs surround the name of the bank

The dimensions of the paper are 188 x 102 mm

without watermark

Signed by Sir Frederic Rowlatt
Signed the ten pounds from X/1 to X/24 on 11/26/1918
And what distinguishes this group of praxis
1- The printing font for numbers and parvix is ​​thick
2- There are no breaks

As for the prefix group from X/25 to X/41 on 4-30-1920
And what distinguishes this group of praxis
1- The printing line for numbers and praxis is thin
2- There are commas between the serial numbers

and show me
The last thing I got from London
10 pounds, third edition, prifix x/41, in great condition