, is a name given to different football games. The most famous among them is football. The word "football" has been applied to rugby football, American football, Australian rules football, Gaelic football, Canadian football, and many other forms of football.

When the word "football" was rooted, it referred to a wide variety of sports in medieval Europe, which meant controlling the ball with the feet. It is the sport that the villagers practice, similar to the sport that the “aristocrats” practice on the backs of their horses. Therefore, the name has always been applied to a variety of sports in which people use their feet to control the ball.

All sports of soccer involve goal points, points scored by getting the ball into a specific spot. Many modern games have their roots in England and then branched out little by little, but many people around the world have practiced sports that involve kicking or carrying a ball since ancient times.
Football history

This game dates back to more than 2500 years BC, when the ancient Chinese practiced it, and they used to provide banquets for the winning team and flog the defeated team. It was known to the Greeks and Japanese 600 years BC, and the Egyptians 300 years BC. However this game, the way they use to play it today, emerged in England. In the year 1016 AD, during their celebration of the evacuation of the Danes from their country, the English played the ball among themselves with the remnants of the Danes kneeling down, and you can guess the closest members of the body similar to the ball and the easiest to roll between the legs, so it was prevented from practicing it. This game used to appear and spread, and then it was prohibited by royal decrees for various reasons, and it came to the extent that its practice was punished by imprisonment for a term.