The most dangerous 10 sharks in the world

Sharks are one of the most dangerous creatures that live on the planet, and here in the 10 most dangerous sharks in the world, we will learn about the most dangerous sharks to humans, in addition to knowing the most dangerous shark in the world.
Hammerhead shark

A shark with a strange shape, about 6 meters long, and a huge weight, which made it classified among the most dangerous sharks. Over the years, it has many attacks, one of which ended in death, although it is rare and endangered.
Black fin shark

A very common shark, up to 3 meters long and weighing 100 kg, and it is the most common fish that attacks humans, especially in Florida, the scene of many shark attacks.
Sand tiger shark
A shark with a length of 3.2 meters and a weight of 160 kg has a very bad reputation, even more than it deserves.
blue shark

A very common shark with a length of 4 meters, it was known for its frequent attacks on humans, some of which were even on boats, and it has the largest number of victims compared to the number of attacks.
copper shark

A large shark with a length of 10 meters and a massive weight of up to 300 kg. It is not aggressive, however, it has caused a number of attacks and victims among humans.
mako shark
A 3-meter shark has amazing speed and 6 percent of attacks on humans end in death.
Oceanic whitetip shark

It deserves the title of the most dangerous fish in the world, because it was the cause of killing a huge number of people, more than all the fish that we saw on the list.
tiger shark

The tiger shark is one of the notorious sharks that has more than 100 attacks on humans, about 20 percent of those attacks ending in death.
bull shark

One of the most dangerous sharks on our planet, with a length of 4 meters and a weight of 320 kg, and what makes it the most dangerous is its ability to live in fresh water, which is 25 percent of attacks on humans that end in death.
1. The great white shark.

The most dangerous shark on the planet, undisputedly, has appeared in a huge number of horror films. It is 7 meters long and weighs nearly 3 tons. So far, more than 400 attacks on humans have been recorded, about 30 percent of which end in death.