The ancient Egyptian language was written in four lines: hieroglyphics, hieratic, demotic, and Coptic. These lines did not appear all at one time, but rather came within a time sequence that expresses the long time span that the ancient Egyptian language lived through and expresses at the same time the intellectual maturity of the ancient Egyptian man. And who realized that the requirements of life may require, from time to time, that there be harmony between them and the tool expressing the language, which is writing. This was represented in the hieratic line, then resorted to another simplification at a later stage, and that was represented in the demotic line, which means that there is a clear linear relationship between the three lines. As for the fourth line of the ancient Egyptian language, which is the Coptic script, it was written in the Greek alphabet, in addition to seven signs of ancient Egyptian writing in its demotic form, whose pronunciation was not available in the Greek signs.