Neuchâtel is a Swiss city first inhabited in 1011

The city is among the most authentic and full of palaces, ancient churches and historical monuments and archaeological and is a tourist destination par excellence as it is visited by thousands of visitors every yearThe city is located in the north-west of Switzerland and is characterized by an important strategic location which makes it a corridor towards Western EuropeEducation is very well developed in Switzerland in general and in Neuchâtel there are several institutes and universities, especially those related to health sciences and technology. Universities grant scholarships to local and foreign students and are intended for thousands of students. Students are required to master the French language in order to be allowed to enroll, but the university has recently opened a language qualification for foreign students. Eight years later, students can be awarded a fellowship that allows them to continue their education and graduate in various medical specialtiesNeuchatel has metro stations and buses equipped with all amenities and also has taxis as well as internal and cross-border trains and also in the mountainous areas there is a teleferic or mountain elevator for tourists to get to know the sights of the city and there are excellent tourist guides mastered in many languages ​​and provide upscale services For customers