Nabawiyya Mohamed Musa Badawia(December 17, 1886 - 1951) was an Egyptian Nationalist and Feminist and is recognized as one of the founding feminists of the 20th century in Egypt.She is often partnered with Huda Sharawi and Malak Hifni Nasif as all three of these women gave lectures and put on other events to further education, health and reduce sexual exploitation among other things for women.She grew up in Alexandria and was part of the middle-class. Along with being an avid educator she wrote and published articles such as "al-Ayat al –badyyina fi tarbiya al-banat" (a treatise on girls' education) in 1902, "al-Mar’a wa-l-‘amal" (Woman and Work) in 1920 as well as editing a woman's page for al-Balagh al-usbui (The Weekly News).