Ludwig van Beethoven ( in German : of Ludwig Van Beethoven is ) (December 17 1770 [15] - Mar 261 827) was a composer and musician and pianist German, one of the leading figures in the classical era that precedes romance ; He is considered one of the greatest music geniuses of all ages and the most influential, and he created immortal works of music, as well as the greatest merit in developing classical music . His compositions include nine symphonies, five compositions on the piano and one on the violin , and thirty-two sonnets.On the piano and sixteen string quadruples; He also authored works for the literary salon and others for the choir and songs as well

Beethoven began at the age of 26 in 1796 with a loss of hearing.  He was suffering from a severe ringing in his ears, which made it difficult for him to hear music well, and he began to avoid conversations with people. What caused the deafness of Beethoven is unknown, but it is likely that it was epidemic typhus or an autoimmune disorde ,After his reputation deteriorated, Beethoven moved to a town on the outskirts of Vienna.During that period, he sent messages to his brothers, showing them his intention to commit suicide. He is a musician and cannot live without listening to what he is writing and other messages in which he decides to live with his current situation.  With the passage of time, his hearing deteriorated further and reached the point where he could not hear anything , It is reported that he composed the ninth symphony. And he heard nothing from her. During the first performance of the symphony in 1824, the whole audience greeted him with applause while standing five times, and they threw their hats and handkerchiefs in the air and raised their hands, in an attempt to draw the attention of the deaf Beethoven to see that they were applauding him.