Klaibida ( Ballytowany : Klaipėda , Ballym ة llani : Memel ) This is the plaintiff in Lithuania and the Klaibida expedition to Lithuania, which is the Mediterranean Sea of Lithuania.

Tamalek Kolibida Sajal Historical Landmark Landscape Landscape Miniatures Prior to the rule, Farsun Teutonic arrived in Brussia with the second president, Brussia and the German alumni, and the German delegation to Lutvaqat al- Assad, followed by Al- Rabi-ul- Alimi- ul-Muqadat, Lithuania followed by Tamard-Kermaniya-Balan- il-Anam . Shortly afterwards the humble Balathad al-Sosfety ruled the Republic of Lithuania.

In 2011, the total number was 177,823.