Is an international organization established in 1889 by Frederick Bass (France) and William Randall Kramer (Britain) is the international organization of parliaments of sovereign states. National parliaments in 178 countries (the last three member countries are Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vanuatu; membership was presented at its 137th session)

Every Parliament established in accordance with the laws of a sovereign State that it represents and administers on its territory may request membership in the Inter-Parliamentary Union. The Board of Directors shall take the decision to accept or reinstate Parliament

The organs of the Inter-Parliamentary Union are: the Assembly, the Governing Council, the Executive Committee and the Secretariat. The Inter-Parliamentary Union meets twice a year in the Assembly.

The Assembly, which meets twice a year. The Assembly is composed of parliamentarians appointed by the members of the Union as delegates. The Assembly shall assist in its work the standing committees whose number and terms of reference shall be determined by the Board of Directors; the Standing Committees shall normally prepare reports and draft resolutions of the Assembly.

The Committee on Peace and International Security, the Committee on Peace and International Security provides its member parliaments with the political framework for effective action on global threats

Commission on Sustainable Development, Finance and Trade, the Commission on Sustainable Development, Finance and Trade is working to improve the lives and well-being of the citizens of the world and the planet.

The Commission on Democracy and Human Rights, the Commission on Democracy and Human Rights promotes democracy and the protection of the human rights of all members of society.

United Nations Affairs Committee The United Nations Committee on Parliaments links parliaments to the activities and objectives of the United Nations.

Governing Council. The Board of Directors usually holds two sessions each year. The Board of Directors shall consist of three representatives from each member of the Union. The term of office of the board member shall continue from one association to another and all members of the board shall be members of the parliament. The Governing Council shall elect the President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union for a term of three years. Members of the Executive Committee shall be elected and the Secretary-General of the Union shall be appointed.

Commission on Human Rights of Parliamentarians

Middle East Affairs Committee

Cyprus Facilitators Group

Committee for the Promotion of Respect for International Humanitarian Law

Advisory Group on Health

Women Parliamentarians Forum

Youth Parliamentarians Forum

Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, fifteen members of different parliaments (elected by the Governing Council; fewer than twelve members of the Governing Council shall be elected) and the President of the Conference. Coordinating Committee of the Meeting of Women Parliamentarians. The 15 elected seats will be assigned to geopolitical groups. Only parliamentarians from countries where women have the right to vote and the right to stand for election are entitled to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is the administrative organ of the Inter-Parliamentary Union

Working Group on Syria

Sub-Committee on Finance

Gender Partnership Group

Secretary General and Secretariat. The Secretariat of the Union shall consist of the total staff of the Organization under the supervision of the Secretary-General of the Union.