Fluorite (also called floraspar) is a mineral made of calcium fluoride, CaF2


Fluorite is found in veins mixed with metallic minerals.

Fluorite is widely found in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Norway, Mexico, and Ontario (Canada). The United States is located in the states of Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kentucky, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Ohio, New Hampshire, New York, and Texas.

Its uses

For decoration

In the steel industry

In the manufacture of glazed glass (glittering like opals and changing colors).

Manufacture of glass coating for cooking.

Manufacture of hydrofluoric acid

Manufacture of ultra-powerful lenses for telescopes and cameras as an alternative to glass.

Fluorite has a very low dispersion coefficient which makes Diffraction diffraction light where much less than normal glass. That property in telescopes makes images of celestial bodies even clearer when the crisper levels are high.