Empress and the Logos of All Russians Catherine II Alexeyevna, daughter of Christian Augustus, Prince of Anhalt ( Russian : Екатери́на II Алексе́евна Вели́кая), famous as Catherine the Great or Catherine the Great Russian in modern history , and one of the longest-ruling women, as the era extended from 1762 until her death in 1796 AD at the age of about 67 years, as it is among the most famous ruling women in history and the greatest and most influential. Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg was born in the city of Steven in the Duchy of Pomerania in the Kingdom of Prussia . Her name and surname at birth was Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg . On the throne of the empire itself after the coup against her husband's rule that led to his assassination . Russia underwent a major revival under Katrina rule, expanding the territory of the empire at the expense of its neighbors, and increasing its military power so that Western European countries were forced to recognize it as a superpower alongside them in the world.

Catherine II relied on the nobility in the management of her country, and condemned some of them thanks to her access to the throne, and the most prominent of these are the Pregory Orlov and Pregory Gottemkin , and relied on three competent military leaders such as Alexander Suvorov and Peter Emodorovsky Emperor , and princes of the Emperors of the Sea , and Emmors of the Emperors of the Sea , And to control more of the neighboring territories, by military means at times and diplomacy at other times. On the southern frontier of the empire, Catherine II was able to crush the pro -Ottoman Muslim Crimean Khanate after the Russian armies fought the Ottoman armies for a long period of time in a series of wars and battles fought in the name of the Free. She supported some of the disaffected rulers in the Levant, such as Ali Bey the Great, the Governor of Egypt and Zahir Al-Omar and the Governor of Sidon , until she obtained her intention from the Sultanate, which ceded her to all the vast areas north of Black Bahrain and Azov . In the west, Catherine II broke up the Lithuanian-Polish federation, which was ruled by her former lover King Stanisڤaw August Poniatowski , and took control of much of his country. In the east, the Russians began to colonize and settle Alaska , creating the territory of Russian America.