Egyptian cinema is the oldest cinema industry in Africa and the Arab region. It is called the Hollywood of the East, and it is the most widespread film industry in the Middle East and North Africa. It had the greatest impact on the film industry in Africa and the Arab region in general since the beginning of the twentieth century until now. Egypt's relationship with cinema began at the same time as it began in the world. It is known that the first commercial cinema show in the world was in December 1895 AD. In Paris, specifically the Indian salon in the Grand Café located on Capucine Street in the French capital, Paris, and it was a silent film for the “Lumiere” brothers. A few days after this date, the first cinematic show was presented in Egypt in the (Zwani) café in Alexandria in January 1896 AD, and it was followed by the first A cinematic show in Cairo on January 28, 1896 AD at Cinema (Santi), then the third cinematic show in Port Said in 1898 AD.