Diesel SBA is an Italian design company, known specifically for its clothing for the young adult market, in jeans. Now this mark can be found on many products, from underwear and perfumes, to furnishings and cars, and even to adult dolls. The founder and owner of the company, Renzo Russo, is based in Berganzi, in northern Italy.Renzo Rousseau founded the company with its former boss, Adriano Goldschmid, from Jeans AG in 1978. The most important events in diesel history include Renzo Russo's full acquisition of the company in 1985, direct employment from the university to chief design and former creative director Wilbert Das in 1988, and beginning Global Marketing Plan in 1991, and the first pilot diesel store was opened in 1996 at Lexington Avenue in New York City .

Rousseau stated that they learned marketing from the United States, creativity from Italy, and systems from Germany . [1]

The company established a major division for underwear and swimwear for men and women in February 2007, and it is available at retail and department stores. Diesel Black Gold, which is dbg, was announced in November 2007.

The company has approximately 2,200 employees in 18 subsections in Asia, Europe and the Americas . Its products are available in 5,000 retail stores, of which 300 are independent diesel stores. Annual sales were around 1.2 billion euros in 2005, and 1.3 billion euros in 2009. The return comes mainly from jeans sales, and from Diesel Kid (translation: Small Diesel) the influential collection that has met with widespread success.

Jeans production is mainly concentrated in Italy.