In 1962, the French fashion designer Daniel Hechter published his first women's collection. Three years later, he added a children's line and completed the fashion range with the men's line in 1968. These collections made him become popular as the inventor of ready- to - wear or Prêt-à-porter fashion. After a few years, these collections were expanded into sports, relaxation, and leisure wear. Eyewear, perfume, pens, and consumer goods followed, then watches and leather goods joined the product range. The most significant license of Daniel Hechter Paris is for shoes: Among the accessories, it generates the biggest turnover. The licensee for this segment is the German shoe manufacturer Erich Rohde ltd..

In 1998, a change of ownership was made when the former licensee Otto Aurach ltd., headquartered in the German town of Miltenberg, got the rights of the trademark. It restructured and modified the brand to advance its international development and broadened the product range: The latest licenses have been allocated for umbrellas and cufflinks. Most products are produced offshore in Asia.