England and England England is the largest country in the United Kingdom  shares land borders with Scotland in the north and Wales in the west and the Irish Sea in the north-west and the Kelt Sea in the south-west and the North Sea In the east, separated by the English channelfrom the European continent to the south. The mainland consists of England from the central and southern parts of Great Britain in the North Atlantic Ocean , and also includes more than 100 small islands, such as the Isles of Scilly and the Isle of Wight .

Human was first settled in the area now known as England in the Paleolithic period . The origin of the English word dates back to the Angels, one of the German tribes that settled in the 5th and 6th centuries AD. England became a united state in 927 AD, and since the age of discovery that began in the fifteenth century , its cultural and legal influence has been spreading and spreading something all over the world.  where English, the Anglican Church and English law (the basis of the legislative system of public law in many countries around the world) have emerged, and its parliamentary and governmental system is widely accepted by other States. England was the cradle of the industrial revolution that began in the eighteenth century and transformed the country into the world's first industrialized nation.  The Royal Society established the foundations of modern experimental science. 

Most of the territory of England is easy, although there are some highlands in the north (eg in Lake County, Penins and Yorkshire Moors) and in the south and southwest (eg Dartmoor, Cotswolds,North and South Downs). The capital of England is London , the largest urban area in the United Kingdom and the largest urban area in the European Union by all standards  . England has a population of about 51 million, accounting for about 84% of the UK population in general, and is largely concentrated in London , southeast England, and urban communities in its center, northwest and northeast, and Yorkshire, which was established as a major industrial area during the 19th century .

The Kingdom of England - including Wales - was independent until May 1, 1707 , when the Acts of Union began implementing the terms agreed upon by the Union of Scotland with the Kingdom of Scotland a year ago. This led to a political union on behalf of the Kingdom of Great Britain .In 1800, Great Britain united with the Kingdom of Ireland through another Union Act, resulting in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland . In 1922, Ireland was separated by a free andsovereign State of Ireland. However, the Royal and Parliamentary Act of 1927 incorporated six Irish provinces into the Kingdom's body. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was established