Charles George Gordon ( in English : the Charles George Gordon ) ( 28 January 1833 - 26 January 1885 )known as (Gordon China) and (Gordon Pasha) and (Gordon Khartoum) wasofficer and administratively in the British army , and little to his campaigns in China and North Africa Until he was killed on the day Khartoum fell, and was buried in Britain 

Gordon was born in Woolwich , London to a military father, Major General Henry William Gordon (1786-1865) and his mother, Elizabeth (Enderby) Gordon (1792-1873). He received his education at Volands School in Taunton, Somerset and at the Royal Military Academy in Welch. After graduating with the rank of Second Lieutenant, he joined the Royal Engineering Corps in 1852. He continued his training at Chatham. Promoted to lieutenant colonel in 1854 .

Gordon received his first assignment by building fortifications at Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, in Wales . When the Crimean War began, Gordon was sent to the Russian Empire, where he arrived in January 1855. He was assigned to participate in the siege of Sevastopol and also participated in the Raidan offensive from June 18 to September 8 . Gordon participated in the expedition to Kinborn, then returned to Sevastopol at the end of the war. After achieving peace, he joined an international body to demarcate the borders between the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire in Bessarabia . Gordon completed a survey of the area marking the boundary to Asia Minor . Gordon returned to Britain in a year1858