Barry John Stanton (23 January 1941 – 21 January 2018) was an English-Australian rock and roll musician. He performed on pop music programs, Six O'Clock Rock, Bandstand, Johnny O'Keefe Show, Sing Sing Sing, Saturday Date, and Woody's Teen Time. He issued a compilation album, A Tribute to the King Rare Songs 1957-1965, in 1988.

Stanton released singles via Leedon Records, starting with "Don't Let Go" in April 1960. His second, "Don't You Worry 'Bout That" (September), was written by O'Keefe, which reached number 3 on the local Top 40. His fourth single, "Beggin' on My Knees" (November 1961), was written by his brother Rod and reached number 16, nationally. Stanton was signed by RCA in 1964 and issued another single, "A Tribute to the King". This was written by fellow musician and the label's A&R, Johnny Devlin. He followed with "My Little Emmy" in July 1965, which was written by Stanton. Even though he was a popular performer locally, he achieved little commercial success internationally. Stanton subsequently performed with other early Australian rockers.