Appella was born in 1943 at Porrentruy, Switzerland. The brand was created by Jahre Paul Glocker, the legendary Swiss horologist and Chairman of EBOSA group. Since then Appella has dedicatedly kept pace with the changing tastes and requirements.

Appella belongs to the elite category of the Swiss watch manufacturers who produce solid gold, diamond and high-end mechanical watches. The Appella 18k solid gold watches are individually certified by the Swiss Central Office for Precious Metal Control for the purity of the gold contents and each watch has a traceable unique serial number engraved on the back of the case.

Currently, the brand is registered in over 70 countries worldwide and Appella successfully blends forward-looking styles with quality features, resulting in the most fashionable timepieces that are both elegant and practical. It has an extensive global distribution network spanning over 35 countries.