Al-Khaireya is an old Turkish gold coin that was used in Egypt like most of the Turkish currencies . It was dubbed ' Khaireya islamboli ' . In 1243 AH / 1827 AD Muhammad Ali minted low fineness gold coins 18.125 carats in the Egyptian Darbkhana in two types the first was quarter zir mahboub and was dubbed Khaireya sagheera ( small ) or the name saadia which was estimated at four piastres 160 half –Fadda

The other value is half zir mahboub and was dubbed Khaireya kabeera ( big ) or the name Khaireya Masry ( Egyptian ) which was estimated at nine piastres 360 half – Fadda . This made a negative impact at the Sublime port as Muhammad Ali minted these coins without permission . Therefore Muhammad Ali sent an apology to Istanbul on the 15th Dhul Qadah 1343 AH /May 29th 1828 AD to justify that he minted Al-Khaireya to lay down the Ashraf of Hijaz ( descendents of the prophet ) .It was said that the name Khaireya refers to Memluk Prince KhayrBay who was appointed by Sultan Selim I to rule Egypt in ( 923 AH / 1517 AD ) for his loyalty to the Ottomans and betrayal to his Memluk fellows . It was also said that the name Khaireya is derived from the expression 'tanzeemat Khaireya ' or charitable organizations i.e any amendments snd reforms introduced by the Ottoman Sultans on  governance laws and administration in the country which is the more likely explanation 

It also dubbed Al-adleya masry or Egyptian judicial due to the presence of the word Adly on the coin's obverse to the right of the toughra . And adly is of justice a characteristic of Sultan Mahmoud II . It was also dubbed ghazeya masry or Egyptian conqueror due to the presence of the word ghazi on the coin's reverse where  Sultan Mahmoud II was called the conqueror . It was dubbed Mahmoudeya masry or Egyptian Mahmoudia due to the the presence of the word Mahmoud on the coin's reverse . It is worth mentioning that the Khireya islambouli was equal to double the Egyptian Khaireya