1969 coup in Libya , one of the most important events of what is known as a revolution conqueror is a military coup took place on September 1 in 1969 to undermine the rule of the Kingdom of Libya and announce the emergence of the Libyan Arab Republic , where he formed the unionist Free Officers Movement in the Libyan army , led by First Lieutenant Muammar Gaddafi , and the marching on the city of Benghazi to occupies The radio building surrounded the royal palace under the leadership of Officer Al- Khoweildy Muhammad Al-Hamidi to seize power on the first of September 1969 AD, and the Crown Prince and the king’s representative hurried to abdicate the rule, as King Muhammad Idris Al-Senussi wasAbroad, on a trip to receive treatment in Turkey .

The Gaddafi to cancel the Libyan constitution and declares a constitutional declaration "canceled later" to remain the country without a constitution organized throughout his reign as the paralyzing political life that existed , including parties, organizations, associations , and a free press, established his own thought he called the Third Universal Theory , which is based on the idea of the people 's authority And that the people in power - it is a way to create controversy within the small Libyan communities so that they do not look at foreign policy - as Gaddafi tried to work on Arab unity, and all his integration attempts failed to integrate Libya with Egypt and Tunisia ,