Burkina Faso is a West African country , surrounded by six countries: Mali to the north, Niger to the east, Benin to the southeast, Togo and Ghana to the south and Ivory Coast to the southwest. Located within the countries of the Sahara in Africa . With an area of ​​274,200 km 2 , and a population of 13,574,820 people and depends on agriculture in its economy, the most important products are peanuts , cotton , corn , millet , sorghum , cows , goats and sheep .

Ouagadougou is the country's most important city and is the capital, followed by Bobodiolaso . Its name in the past was the " High Volta Republic ". On August 4, 1984 , President Thomas Sankara changed the name of the State to “Burkina Faso”, which means “the country of honest people ”, from the two main languages ​​of the country: Moree (Burkina, honest people) and Diola (Faso, the father's house). Country).