Ali Maher Pasha (1881 - 1960) of Aayan Circassians in Egypt, his father Mohammed Maher Pasha Undersecretary of the Ministry of Maritime and Governor of Cairo. A prominent Egyptian politician who participated in the revolution of 1919. The Ministry of Education received in 1925 and served as Prime Minister of Egypt four times, the first of which was on 30 January 1936 and the most recent at the revolution of July 1952 where he was headed by the first Egyptian ministry in the era of the Egyptian revolution. He was arrested by Mustafa al-Nahhas Pasha during the Second World War on charges of loyal to the axis. He tried to escape but was arrested by the Egyptian police. He is the brother of Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Maher Pasha. He served as the head of the Egyptian royal court during the reign of King Fuad and also received Nishan Fouad I. Known for his political acumen and his hardness in dealing with difficult tasks, he called the man of crises and the man of the hour in recognition of his political skills and skills. He died on 25 August 1960 in the city of Geneva and was buried in Cairo.