The history of the Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University dates back to 1911, when the so-called Higher Commerce School was established. The duration of the study was three years and the first payment of 19 students was graduated in 1914. The study lasted three years until a board of directors was established in November 1923 by Law No. 45, this Council, which worked to amend the school's programs and was one of its amendments to make the study period by four years. On August 22, 1935, decree No. 91 was issued, which included the merging of all the higher schools in the Egyptian University - Cairo University later - to become the School of Commerce to the Faculty of Commerce. On March 15, 1990, Ministerial Decree No. 235 was issued to establish a study group in English. This was followed by the establishment of the Actuarial Science Division in 1995 as a cooperative project between Cairo University, City University in London and the Institute of Actuarial Experts in London.