Dar al-Hilal is the oldest Egyptian and Arab cultural cultural institution founded in 1892 by Georges Zidane in Egypt. The magazine is one of the oldest Arabic magazines in the field of culture. The first issue was published in 1892 by Georgy Zidane, His plan, and the purpose of its issuance. Zidane published his books in the form of separate chapters. The magazine was accepted by people until it was barely published for five years until it became one of the most widely published magazines. It was written by giants of thought and literature in Egypt and the Arab world, and its editor in chief was the eldest of writers and writers. After that, Dar Al-Hilal published several publications, books, novels and medical books. However, Al-Musawwar was one of the oldest magazines issued by the Dar. The first edition of the magazine was published in 1924. It was accompanied by a series of events in Egypt and the Arab world, which were recorded by the magazine and followed by the word and the image. Its editor-in-chief was led by a number of media leaders in Egypt, notably Emile and Chekri Zidane, Fikri Abaza, Ali Amin, Ahmed Bahaa El Din, Saleh Jawdat, Amina El-Said and Makram Mohamed Ahmed.